Free e-textbook: The Well-Being of Children

Well-Being of Children coverThis new book explores the questions related to the theory, practice, and policy of the well-being and well-becoming of children.

Studying and promoting the well-being of children is an interdisciplinary task. Furthermore, it has a strong ethical component, since it is connected to the questions of good life and just society. In this book, philosophers and social scientists approach the issue in close dialogue and shed light on some of the most challenging matters involved.

The 176-pages book is divided into two sections:

* Section I: Theories and Concepts of Children’s Well-Being (5 chapters)
* Section II: Children’s Well-Being and Well-Becoming (4 chapters)

The first section consists of papers that deal with conceptual issues and discuss how the well-being of children can and should be grasped in a meaningful sense. The second part of the book deals with practical issues, specific cases and social environments in which the well-being and well-becoming of children is secured or endangered.

This book is published by De Gruyter Open – one of the world’s leading open access publishers. It is available from the Google Play store for mobiles and tablets, and individual chapters can be freely downloaded as PDFs from:


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