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First Steps: e-learning for adoption

first4adoptionWant to know more about what adopting a child will be like?

First Steps is a free e-learning package by First4Adoption to help potential adopters in the early stages of the adoption process get a better understanding of what adoption entails and help them decide if it really is the right choice for them.

First Steps provides real insights in to life as an adopter through video and audio episodes and online lessons. It captures the stories and views of social workers and adopters, both with first-hand experience of what adoption is like. The lessons have been designed to help adopters understand the issues they need to be aware of and crucially, give them tips on how they can be overcome.

The topics include:

  • Backgrounds of children and why they come into care
  • Attachment and its importance in adoption
  • Identity, heritage and life story work
  • Challenges and transitions to new situations

To access all the materials you’ll need to register – an email address is all that’s needed – and then you can track your progress and scores in the exercises you have completed. First Steps works equally well on phones, tablets and computers.

Visit First Steps here: http://firststeps.first4adoption.org.uk/