Childhood in the Digital Age – a new free online course

FLdigitalkid15Delve into the lives of children, and discuss the potential benefits and limitations of technology in their lives, with this free online course.

Childhood in the Digital Age is a four week long course beginning on 8 June 2015. During the course, you’ll ask: is social media changing the way that children form relationships? How is technology changing the way that children think? And how will it shape the classroom of the future?

The course is offered by The Open University on the attractive FutureLearn platform, and is led by Dr Nathalia Gjersoe. It requires 3 hours of study time per week, a total of 12 hours overall. The course is free to study, and if required, a Certificate of Participation is available at £29. The course is intended for anyone with a general interest in childhood studies and child psychology and does not require any prior experience of studying this subject.

Enrol free here:

If you are interested in Childhood in the Digital Age, you may also like to take a look at Mariella Frostrup’s BBC radio series Bringing Up Britain: Raising ‘digital kids’, which I previously reviewed and is still freely available.


2 responses to “Childhood in the Digital Age – a new free online course

  1. I hope this will guide me in understanding the mood variation of my three childrens and their behaviour towrds other people related to them and sometime not.

  2. Chris Hodgson

    Is there some way that we can be notified of the online courses? and can you participate from anywhere in the world??

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