Bringing Up Britain: Raising ‘digital kids’

Mariella Frostrup returns with a new series of the radio programme that explores the complex realities of parenting in today’s Britain.
In the first programme, she is joined by a panel of experts and commentators to discuss raising ‘digital kids’. Can tablet games really help nurture or educate the under-fives? Should older primary school-age children engage with age-appropriate social networking sites as a form of ‘training’ – or should they be protected from the online world, however safely controlled, until much later?

This new 45-minute debate will be broadcast at 20:00 on Wed 19 Sep 2012 by BBC Radio 4.

12 previous episodes of Bringing Up Britain are still available on BBC iPlayer, including an episode from 2009 exploring step-parenting and ‘blended families’,  and one from 2011 entitled ‘Feral Kids and Feckless Parents‘, which asks how parents can keep control of their kids.
Bringing Up Britain has often been really good, with an excellent range of guests participating in the debates, so it is disappointing that the BBC restricts the programme’s potential audience by archiving previous episodes in the BBC iPlayer rather than releasing them in the more widespread mp3 podcast format.


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