Seven e-learning resources from C4EO

The Centre for Excellence and Outcomes in CYP Services (C4EO) have produced seven interactive e-learning resources that present the main findings from research, tailored specifically to support your role in achieving outcomes for children and young people.
You can choose the group on the home page that most suits your role, whether you are a strategic leader, a senior manager, information specialist or a frontline practitioner. The information is tailored to each group, with reflection points to help you evaluate your own practice or to discuss issues with your teams and partner agencies.
Seven topics are covered in a common format:
1. Child Poverty
2. Disability
3. Early Years
4. Families, Parents and Carers
5. Safeguarding
6. Schools and Communities
7. Vulnerable Children
These are comprehensive packages comprising audio and video clips, quizzes, tests and interactive UK maps, all backed-up by substantial links to references. They are aimed at an audience who already possess skills and knowledge in the field, and it would be easy to spend a day or more on each topic if all the references are followed.
It took me some time to get the hang of navigating via the five sub-divided tabs, but when I got there, I welcomed the provision of transcripts of the audio and video clips, and the checklist of issues at the end is a helpful form of self-assessment.
No log-in is required, and they are released under an Open Government Licence so text and graphics may be freely reproduced for the purposes of any personal or educational use or private research.


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