In Your Hands – child trafficking

This is a free e-learning course published in 2008 by ECPAT, a children’s rights organisation campaigning against the commercial sexual exploitation of children.

‘In Your Hands – Safeguarding Child Victims of Trafficking’ is an interactive course aimed at professionals in contact with vulnerable children from abroad. It provides an awareness of the main issues around victim identification and what steps to take to provide support to a child victim of trafficking. It is also available in 2 alternative versions for professionals based in Scotland or in Wales which refer to the relevant Scottish or Welsh legislation and guidance.

‘In Your Hands’ comprises three modules:

  1. Welcome
  2. What you can do
  3. A video interview

The course takes 30 – 45 minutes to work through, although if you follow the recommended links to download and read the policy documents it will take significantly longer. I found the case study very realistic and the interactive simulation really made me think!

My only concern is that the requirement to register to use this course will deter some would-be learners who are concerned about the privacy of their personal data.

Link: Registration & login required.

Copyright © ECPAT UK. Non-commercial use permitted if attributed to ECPAT.


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