Every Child Everywhere

This online child protection training course was launched in 2009 by the travel association ABTA who developed it jointly with ECPAT UK.

Every Child Everywhere offers to help us develop and follow child protection policies and procedures. It is available to anyone, not just those working in the travel industry.

This course consists of 3 modules:

  1. Following Child Protection Policies & Procedures 
  2. Implementing Child Protection Policies & Procedures
  3. Developing Child Protection Policy and Procedures

This attractive course uses case studies and interactive exercises. Links are provided throughout to relevant organisations and sources of information for further exploration. I estimate it takes about one hour to work through each module, and much longer if you download & read all the literature. I think the second and third modules would be a really useful starting point for organisations who are developing their own Child Protection Policies & Procedures, as many of the principals are fundamental to a wide range of settings.

Link: http://www.abtaelearning.com Registration & login required.

For personal, non commercial use only © All rights reserved by ABTA.


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