Fostering resilience

This is one of twenty-two multimedia learning resources published by Scotland’s Institute for Research and Innovation in Social Services. The resources are designed for social work students and practitioners, but will also be valuable to others working with children and families.

Fostering Resilience is a 10 minutes long animated multimedia presentation from 2006 by Brigid Daniel & Sally Wassell. It is a companion to ‘Understanding Resilience’ that I looked at in April 2011. The aim of this presentation is to introduce learners to a structured approach to the assessment and promotion of resilience in vulnerable children.

The format is similar to ‘Understanding Resilience’; a self-contained package comprising four sections and including a glossary, references and text transcripts. It requires Adobe Flash Player on your computer and the package cannot be downloaded for keeping.

Again I think this presentation summarizes the concepts well, but students are likely to want more up-to-date references than 2002. I still like how easy it is to navigate between the individual elements.


Creative Commons Licence


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