Pre-Birth to Three

scot PBto3The rights of the child, relationships, responsive care and respect are the four key principles which form the basis of this interactive online national guidance and CPD (Continuing Professional Development) resource.
It’s target audience is adults working with and for babies and young children;  an equivalent hard copy pack including a DVD, a CD and a poster, was issued to all early years establishments in Scotland. The interactive online version combines all of the materials contained in the pack.
This comprehensive collection comprises over 5 hours of video footage, pdf documents, references and further reading. To guide learners, each of the nine elements of the guidance has Reflection and Action pointers, a case study and further signposts to research to support Continuing Professional Development.

The collection does not have a beginning – middle – end structure; the components are free-standing, making it user-friendly for trainers. However this does mean that an individual e-learner may find the lack of structure an initial hurdle.  Individual e-learners may also find it a bit less interactive than they are used to, and in my opinion the collection would be improved by including some online quizzes or exercises.
Education Scotland have a strong presence on iTunes U, where the separate videos from this collection can be downloaded in mp4 format for offline use. They are available in both high-quality format for trainers/group use, and iPod quality for individual use.

The Open Government Licence allows trainers to download these materials and adapt them for different contexts – a valuable option, as while the policy documents are mostly specific to Scotland, the principles, theory and research apply across the UK.
My favourite feature of the package is that it is designed to be shared with parents and carers (including a tailored pdf leaflet & poster) which will help early years workers wishing to involve parents and carers in developing services collaboratively.
Pre-Birth to Three is © Crown copyright 2012. It may re-used free of charge in any format or medium, under the terms of the Open Government Licence.


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