Parental substance misuse

Parental substance misuse 1

The Social Care Institute for Excellence’s (SCIE) Parental substance misuse elearning resource is designed to support social workers responsible for ‘children in need’ when working with families where a parent or parents are misusing drugs or alcohol. Parental substance misuse is an important issue that social workers encounter frequently – one study estimated that between 250,00 and 350,000 children in the UK had a parent who was a problem drug user, and that 62% of children subject to care proceedings had a substance misusing parent.
This elearning resource provides social workers with enough information to be able to make judgements about the possible impact on children that they are responsible for. The package is presented in an accessible and engaging way, and comprises three modules:

  • Understanding substance misuse
  • Understanding the impact on children
  • Implications for children’s social work practice

Each module is about 20-30 minutes long. They include glossaries, references, transcripts, learning records and links to extra resources. Adobe Flash Player is required on your computer.
Use of this resource, and import of the resource into learning management systems, for educational purposes is freely permitted. A SCORM version is offered for free download and use in a virtual learning environment (VLE).


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