200 free childcare & youth podcasts

 Load up your mp3 player or phone with some of these podcasts for those long journeys. The top five podcasters below are easy to use; each allows you to download individual episodes or subscribe via iTunes, and most organise episodes within categories.

Social Work Podcast logo

(1) The monthly Social Work Podcast is hosted by  Jonathan Stringer. About 1-in-5 are about children & youth topics, and there is an archive of 87 episodes available, each between 30 mins – 1 hour long. Although the intended audience is social workers, these are equally useful to anyone in a helping profession, including psychology, nursing, psychiatry, counselling and education. With each podcast being accompanied by a transcript, references and citation, they are particularly valuable to students.

(2) Another monthly is the National CASA Podcast aimed at CASA’s volunteer advocates for abused and neglected children in the USA. There is an archive of 93 episodes dating back to 2008, each about 10-30 mins long.

insocialwork_banner2(3) The inSocialWork Podcast Series by University at Buffalo, New York broadcasts fortnightly, with each episode being between 20-40 mins long. There is an archive of 123 episodes in total, of which about 1-in-6  are about children & youth topics.  Many of these podcasts are accompanied by reviews, often by students.

(4) The Inclusion Matters’ series by the Center for Inclusive Child Care, Concordia University in Minnesota. These are broadcast approximately monthly, with an archive of 59 episodes. As these are typically only 10 mins long, they are particularly quick to download.

(5) Prevent Child Abuse, New Jersey. Sadly not updated since 2011, but their archive of 33 episodes is still available, each about 10-30 mins long.

Finally, you might wonder why UNICEF is not included above? UNICEF’s global radio service reports on the health, education, equality and protection of children around the world. 300 episodes have been broadcast since 2007, but currently they are only available via iTunes – an arrangement that excludes many potential listeners and consequently cannot be recommended.


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