Exploring Play – a new free online course

The approach of UK Playday is a good reason to look at a new MOOC (massive open online course) on Play.

hero_4eca714f-1f05-4154-a293-0247e0a7d533Exploring Play: The Role of Play in Everyday Life, is a seven week long course beginning on 29 September 2014. It aims to help us to think differently about play, and discover why something that is so often taken for granted is actually very important and significant to us all.
The course is offered by the University of Sheffield on the attractive FutureLearn platform, and is led by respected Professor Elizabeth Wood. It requires 4 hours of study time per week, a total of 28 hours overall. The course is free to study, and if required, a Certificate of Participation is available at £25. The course will be of interest if you wish to work or study in the fields of psychology, playwork, childhood studies, play therapy, hospital play, teaching, childcare, or if you just want to better understand your relationship with your own children and your own play.

playday logoBefore then, UK Playday is Wednesday 6th August this year, with a theme of ‘the Importance of Play’. On Playday thousands of children and their families get out to play at hundreds of community events across the UK. The Playday 2014 website is live, so organisations can start registering their events, and individuals can begin planning their days – there are lots of ways to get involved!


20 responses to “Exploring Play – a new free online course

  1. It will be a relief to explore a child’s right to play, in contrast to all the abuse that is dominating the media

  2. Louise morgan

    Please could you send detail

  3. What an exciting-looking course, thanks for the heads-up!

  4. katie woodward

    I would like to know more about this please

  5. I’m interested where do I sign up please?

  6. could you please give more details

  7. Sounds interesting keep me posted

  8. Hi

    I am a newly registered childminder , would really like to do this course looks very interesting and any other courses that you have ingoation on could you please send info for please

    Thanks Kelly 🙂

  9. How do I sign up? Would love to do this course.

  10. choong yuet lai

    Interested and Would like to know more about this course. Please send information about this course. Is there any course work to be submitted or practicum to be done?
    Thank you.

    With Metta,

  11. I would like to do this course. How do I enrol?

    Many thanks

  12. i would like to join this

  13. I’m excited about knowing and learning about play, I am a grade 2 teacher in Phuket, Thailand.

  14. Hi everyone,

    You can join this free online course and find more information here: https://www.futurelearn.com/courses/play

  15. I am very interested in this play course. Sounds fab! Please forward any further info.

  16. christine Lister

    Hi, I am interested in this. Can you please give me more details. Thanks

  17. How do I sign up?



  18. Nicky carpenter

    Id like to register for the free online course. I want to improve my practice in my preschool x

  19. I would like to sign up!

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