Free Early Years Outdoors & Play books

This pair of full-colour resource books for Early Years practitioners are feely available online from Northern Ireland Curriculum.

1. Learning Outdoors in the Early YearsOutdoor-Planning-Norther-Ireland
This 158-pages book was first published in 2005, before Forest Schools really took off. It is a useful resource for learning outdoors immediately outside your setting, rather than in a remote woodland. It is a 3MB download.

2. Learning Through Play in the Early Years 91395457
This 163-pages resource book was compiled by the Early Years Interboard panel in response to requests for guidelines on provision and progression in play. It is a 5.2MB download.

Both books are very attractive, with lots of charts and bullet-point lists. They are not textbooks; instead, with their full-colour photographs, they really stimulate your thinking – I became increasingly impatient to try out some of their ideas! I can imagine pages from these books working really well as slides projected onto a wall or screen during staff or volunteer training sessions – just select the pages that correspond with the topics you are covering.

For anyone interested in the academic provenance the above two books, Northern Ireland Curriculum also hosts a collection of research on the Early Years Enriched Curriculum by Queen’s University Belfast, including a very useful literature review of play-based pedagogy.


5 responses to “Free Early Years Outdoors & Play books

  1. Joanne longworth

    Free early years outdoor and play books

  2. free early years outdoor play books download please

  3. Vivian Mc Dermott

    Thank you for thiese downloads,from Brisbane, Australia.very much appreciated,as an early childhood educator of twenty five years, I know how much, knowledge is power.

  4. Vivian Mc Dermott

    Do you follow Reggio philosophy at any services in your country?

  5. Free early years and outdoor play please

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