Children, families & child protection


Allegations of abuse lead to an unfolding child protection case scenario which prompts us to consider the welfare of three children and their parents’ rights.

This is one of 22 multimedia learning resources published by Scotland’s Institute for Research and Innovation in Social Services. The resources are designed for social work students and practitioners, but will also be valuable to others working with children and families. This case study by Mel Cadman & Kathryn Cameron has been designed as a focus for learning about the legal, ethical and practice issues emerging from a child protection case scenario. It consists of five short video clips with transcripts of the dialogue, and it takes about 15 minutes to watch in total.

This is an excellent resource! it is well-structured and there is much to learn from the components of this moving and realistic case study. The authors suggest that learners be asked to interpret and assess the unfolding scenario of complex needs and to consider how to respond. In an ideal world I’d have liked the authors to pose some questions of this nature and provide references to extend the learning. Link:

Creative Commons Licence The whole package of resources appears to be downloadable as an IMS content package.


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