Introduction to Residential Child Care

This is one of sixteen elearning resources published by the Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCIE).
Jonathan Stanley & Mary Sainsbury’s 2008 Introduction to Residential Child Care is designed for staff new to this area. It may also be relevant to foster carers, children, young people, parents and family members.
This package comprise three modules:

  1. An introduction to residential child care. An interactive exploration of the fundamentals of residential child care.
  2. Meeting the needs of children in residential child care. A series of practical activities and downloadable worksheets.
  3. Managing challenging behaviour. An interactive exploration of the key aspects of challenging behaviour.

Each module is about 20-30 minutes long. They include glossaries, references, transcripts, learning records and links to extra resources. Adobe Flash Player is required on your computer.
These interactive modules provide accurate information in an engaging way, and the references and links to extra resources allow the learning to be extended far beyond the original module.
Use of this resource, and import of the resource into learning management systems, for educational purposes is freely permitted. A SCORM version is offered for free download and use in a virtual learning environment (VLE).


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