Zero tolerance to gang culture

This is a podcast from The Guardian.

‘Analysis commissioned by the government suggests only 13% of those arrested in the 2011 summer riots could credibly be linked to gangs, so Hugh Muir asks if a zero-tolerance approach to gangs is missing the point?’
This 40-minute podcast was originally published on 18 Nov 2011 for a general public audience. It can be downloaded as a 36MB mp3 and kept.
I did not comment on this when it was published last autumn as there was so much debate in the aftermath of the riots and I was interested to see which would stand the test of time – which this does. The podcast is in two parts: Street-level reports from London, Glasgow & Boston, followed by a well-informed studio debate which will be of interest to youth justice, criminology and youthwork practitioners and students alike. The podcast would make a good basis for a student assignment question or individual preparation for a workplace or tutorial discussion.
As this podcast contains a range of attributable quotes that students might wish to cite in assignments, its value would be enhanced if The Guardian were to provide a transcript, as the BBC sometimes does.
Guardian podcasts are for personal and non-commercial use only. © All rights reserved by The Guardian.


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