Caring for vulnerable children – a new free online course

FLChildrenDevelop an understanding of some of the approaches involved in caring for vulnerable children, with this free online course.

Caring for Vulnerable Children is a six week long course beginning on 23 Feb 2015. It aims to inspire and challenge you to think differently about how we, as a society, care for vulnerable children and the future lives we help them to create.

The course is offered by The University of Strathclyde Glasgow on the attractive FutureLearn platform, and is led by lecturer Graham McPheat. It requires 4 hours of study time per week, a total of 24 hours overall. The course is free to study, and if required, a Certificate of Participation is available at £25. The course will be of interest if you wish to work or study in the fields of child care or social work, or if you just want to consider the role you play in responding to and caring for the children and young people who you encounter in different aspects of your life.

If you are interested in caring for vulnerable children, you may also like to take a look at SCIE’s Introduction to Residential Child Care, a suite of three e-learning modules which I previously reviewed and is still freely available.


4 responses to “Caring for vulnerable children – a new free online course

  1. Hi Sandra
    I am interested in this course do u run this at mind mosaic. If not can u run a class as I run a club for kids with disabilities and would be looking for some training for my leaders X


  2. Venkataswamy Rajarapu

    I am very much interested in the course. Kindly include me in the list.

  3. Hi I am interested in the course.please could you put my name down thank you

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