Understanding Attachment Theory by IRISS

Attachment by IRISSThe basic principles of attachment theory – and why it’s important – presented in a multimedia animation.
This resource defines attachment, examines the components of attachment theory, patterns of attachment behaviour as well as attachment, abuse and neglect.

This is one of 22 multimedia learning resources published by IRISS – Scotland’s Institute for Research and Innovation in Social Services. The resources are designed for social work students and practitioners, but will also be valuable to others working with children and families, such as foster and adoptive carers.
Understanding Attachment Theory is a self-contained package including text transcripts, references and a glossary, divided into seven sections:
1. Defining attachment
2. The biological imperative
3. Main components of attachment theory
4. Patterns of attachment behaviour
5. Insecure attachment
6. Attachment is the product of a relationship
7. Attachment, abuse and neglect

The presentation will take at least 10-15 minutes, depending on your knowledge of the subject. I think the presentation summarizes the concepts well, but students are likely to need more up-to-date references than 1995. As with other IRISS resources, I appreciate how easy it is to navigate between the individual elements.

Link: http://content.iriss.org.uk/understandingattachmenttheory

This multimedia presentation requires Adobe Flash Player on your computer, and the package cannot be downloaded for offline use. Copyright © Institute for Research and Innovation in Social Services 2006. All rights reserved.


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