Parental mental health and families by SCIE

Parental mental health and families

The Parental mental health and families eLearning package from the UK’s Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCIE) sets out all the key relationships, linkages and systems that need to be understood in parental mental health and families work. The materials look at the ways current organisational structures may not be working for families affected by parental mental ill health and what changes might be beneficial. In a unique move, the material asks the professionals to step into parents shoes to try and understand some of the difficulties and frustrations they may experience. This package comprises eight modules:

  1. Introducing the family model
  2. Think child, think parent and think family
  3. Working together with parents
  4. Working together with professionals
  5. Care planning and review
  6. Interventions
  7. Managing complexity and leading practice
  8. Communicating with families

Each module is about 20-30 minutes long. They include glossaries, references, transcripts, learning records and links to extra resources. Adobe Flash Player is required on your computer. The interactive modules provide accurate information in an engaging way, and the references and links to extra resources allow the learning to be extended far beyond the original module.
Use of this resource, and import of the resource into learning management systems, for educational purposes is freely permitted. A SCORM version is offered for free download and use in a virtual learning environment (VLE).


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